Status of the Illinois Arbitration Statute on Automobile Subrogation Cases for Property Damage Under $2,500

The Illinois Statute pertaining to the arbitration of automobile subrogation matters has undergone some important changes over the past few years that impacts the binding authority of arbitration awards received pursuant to the terms of the Arbitration Forum’s Auto Agreement. In 2012, the Illinois Legislature enacted a statute pertaining to the arbitration of physical damage subrogation claims between insurers for property damage with a value less than $2,500. 215 ILCS 5/143.24d. Specifically, the original statute provided that for all physical damage

The Importance of a Pre-Suit Investigation for Subrogation Claims

The pre-suit investigation of a subrogation claim is pertinent to maximizing recovery for the insurance company. In this regard, a prompt and comprehensive pre-suit investigation allows for the development of all the facts and information surrounding a loss. Additionally, a pre-suit investigation provides an opportunity for the attorneys and the insurance company to gather all relevant information, fully evaluate the subrogation claim, and develop a theory of liability. At Dershow Law Group, we recognize the importance of a pre-suit investigation. Our

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At Dershow Law Group, our team is devoted to the practice of subrogation. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling automobile, product liability, property and fire loss subrogation cases throughout Illinois. We are aggressive, proactive, and efficient with subrogation claims. Dershow Law Group is also frequently called upon to assist clients shortly after a fire losses occurs in order to coordinate the investigation of the loss, ensure evidence is properly preserved, and coordinate the retention of highly qualified experts. Our Subrogation Team

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Jeremy L. Dershow is excited to share Dershow Law Group’s unique business philosophy! With our combined experience in insurance defense and insurance subrogation, Dershow Law Group has developed more efficient ways to serve our clients’ needs. Dershow Law Group focuses on honest communication and a team approach to tackling legal issues, which often leads to stronger relationships and better results for our clients. Dershow Law Group’s offices are located in the heart of downtown Chicago at 30 North LaSalle Street, near