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Illinois Supreme Court Strikes Down Six-Person Juror Law as Unconstitutional

The Illinois Supreme Court recently issued a ruling holding that the Illinois law reducing civil juries from 12 to six people was unconstitutional. This Illinois Supreme Court opinion affirmed a December 2015 ruling by Cook County Associate Judge William Gomolinski. Illinois Public Act 98-1132, which took effect on June 1, 2015, reduced civil juries from 12 to six jurors and effectively eliminated the right to a 12-person jury if either side demanded it.  The Illinois Supreme Court’s decision completely invalidated the

The Importance of a Pre-Suit Investigation for Subrogation Claims

The pre-suit investigation of a subrogation claim is pertinent to maximizing recovery for the insurance company. In this regard, a prompt and comprehensive pre-suit investigation allows for the development of all the facts and information surrounding a loss. Additionally, a pre-suit investigation provides an opportunity for the attorneys and the insurance company to gather all relevant information, fully evaluate the subrogation claim, and develop a theory of liability. At Dershow Law Group, we recognize the importance of a pre-suit investigation. Our